Friday, 30 January 2009

paper bag albums

after being asked about this a lot i decided to post on how to make a paper bag album

Basic Paper Bag Album instructions - Step by step directions
Materials - 3 Paper Bags (any size)- Hole punch tool- Eyelets, book rings, ribbon or fibres to bind- lots of good stuff to cover and embellish your pages
1. Take your 3 paper bags and lay them on top of each other alternating the ends.

each other alternating the ends.
2. Fold them in half to create a book. Notice how the three open ends each form a pocket.
Punch three to five holes along the spine.

3. Set an eylet in each hole and / OR thread a couple of lengths of ribbon or fibre (or a combo of both!) through each hole and tie off.4. Decorate your album as you choose using a variety of papers, embellishments, ribbon and any other creative elements in your scrapbooking stash.

5. Create at least 3 large tags slightly smaller than the album itself to fit into the three pockets formed by the paper bags. Use them to hold extra photos or journalling.

you can buy these from ebay all made up and ready to decorate. just put "paperbag albums " in the search!

Happy scrapping!

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

hello everyone!

not done much crafting lately.
one by one the whols household has been struck down with this horrible flu virus thing!
i have got some lovely crafting stash in the sales and am determinded to get through it before i buy anymore!
yer right! lol!

i have my first proper order for card! YAY! my friends siter wants me to do her wedding invites. so i have to get working on them as she will need them in a couple of weeks
will post pictures when they are done.
princess is growing everyday and is has now decided she wants to be a crafter! as soon as i get on my desk she says "and me make grandmas card mummy" so im just in the process of making her a craft box of her own. i have to say that shes quite good at drawing for a 3 year old!
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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy new year everyone!

i cant believe i havent blogged since september!

well my new years wishes for 2009 are as follows:

lose some weight (isnt that everyones lol!)
do lots for crafting, in particular altered art as i havent done so much.
have more fun.
try to keep up with my new 2009 crafting/scrapbooking journal.
blog on here at least once a month
spend less money on impulse buys (maybe LOL)
try to spend more time with old freinds
and most of all be happy with myself and my family xx love you guys! xx

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Doggie Delight!

Hello Lovelies. I was very surprised this week when there was a knock on the door and the local courier stood there with a huge parcel....