Wednesday, 22 June 2011

summer of colour - green

Hello every body
I hope you are having a really good week.
the weather here in Sunny Suffolk had been not too sunny but, the storms have been spectacular! I love watching the thunder and lightening from my window. Such a beautiful sight! Also its a much needed natural watering for my garden!

I have been joining in with the summer of colour at twinkle twinkle which can be found HERE
This week the colour is green and here is my offering. two green hats!

Granddaughter two was not as impressed with the hat as I thought she would be!
pop over to Kristin's blog and see what everyone else has been up too.

Happy Birthday to our angel baby Victoria.  Mummy and Daddy are sending loves and hugs to you.  We think of you and your brother and sisters alot but know you are safe in the arms of Jesus and the Angels xxx

Bye bye for now

Friday, 17 June 2011

Saying goodbye to a friend

Yesterday we said goodbye to a very good friend of ours.  We started off as neighbours to Brian and his wife but quickly became friends.  Although we were from different generations we got along so well and they both took my family and I under their wings.  At the time I was a single parent to three young boys, 4,6,8 years old and they treated my boys as their own grandchildren.  I can remember going on holiday one year and coming home to a DIY project  (particularly tricky I had undertaken and was struggling with) completely finished by Brian.  The Fishing trips and time spent with the boys will never be forgotten along with the "does my bum look big in this" teddy you bought me.
Much love to you Brian from my family and I and I believe you are sitting with the angels with Pip, Katie dog your roll up and a pint"!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The summer of colour

Hello everyone.
I have signed up to the Summer of colour.  Details can be found HERE.  Pop over and have a look at twinkle twinkle.
 Every week there is a different colour.  this week its Blue.  There have been some beautiful entries already and the week isn't over yet!

Blue isn't really a colour I tend to use much when crafting.  I'm not sure why exactly its just when shopping for supplies blue things don't come in to my radar i guess.
Anyway my entry is the little boy angel that I posted about yesterday.  If I have time this week I may attempt something else.

Bye bye for now
Peace and love

Monday, 13 June 2011

More knitting and crochet!

Hello everyone
Wow three blog posts in under seven days! Impressed?  I am!

Well My asthma's has been quite bad this week,  I put it down to the change of weather but really I think its something to do with the steroids I have been taking,  as soon as i finish the course that the Doctor gives me then I have a flare up and find it difficult even to walk about.  But on the plus side I don't have to move about to knit and crochet!  So Mr CM has been looking after me and bringing me unlimited drinks etc while I get cracking with my crafting.  Good job really as Ive had lots to do.  Here's a few of my makes
A wrap for my niece for a wedding

And one for her sister! 

A second Dolly for a special lady

Boy and girl angels for my sister

Girl angel

This is my favourite!

I hopeyou enjoy looking at my makes as much as i enjoy and am inspired by many of the blogs that I follow and read.
Till next time.
Peace and Love x


On Saturday Mr CM took our nieces to Norwich City Football ground to see JLS.  They were supported by Olly Murss and apparently the girls were just as excited to see him as they were JLS!
I wish I would have had uncles to take me to things like that when I was younger.  In the same way watching Princess with her big brothers I would have loved a  older brother as they seem so much fun!

Anyway I will leave you with a few pictures from Saturday.
Hales xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy anniversary Mr CM

I had sceduled this post to yesterday and it didnt! I hope blogger sort there issues out soon or im afraid i may move my blog!

Today (yesterday) is our wedding anniversary. I just wanted to send you this song as It reminds me of you.
Thank you for the years we have had togeather and those to come. Thank you God for letting and paths cross and bringing us together
love you chubhub
Hales xxxx

Friday, 10 June 2011

A little of what ive been up to

Hello everyone and welcome to you all, in particular my new readers.

Today is our wedding anniversary.  Much love to my  Mr CM I love you dearly xx

Half term came and went in a flash here and now has me longing for the summer holidays.  Princess is such a joy and I love having her home.   The days whirled by in a series of meeting up with cousins and my siblings and long sunny days.  the weather was wonderful last week and so we enjoyed a few meals out in the garden.

.Well finally i have finished Mothers cardigan which I had started for her for Mothers day.  (you can read the saga  here ) Mother loves it and says its perfect for the winter months.  as she lives right out in the country it sometimes gets quite chilly in the winter so will be great for snuggling up with a cuppa.

I had my second crochet lesson this week.  I have certainly got the hang of it and Joan and Heather at the wool shop have been great teachers.  The first thing I made last month was a poncho for Grandbaby 2.  It was simple to follow the pattern after they had showed me how. I also made one for princess for Christmas

I then made a wrap/shawl for my self for a wedding we are attending in July.  I just wanted something to wrap around my shoulders to keep me warm as the night grew chilly and this is perfect. I will add photos in a later post

In between classes I thought i would have a go at making a crinoline lady type doll for my Mother-in-law.  We had one made for Princess for Christmas last year and she really liked it.  I have made it in the Norwich City FC colours as she is football crazy and they are her team.  I hope she likes it!

At our Crochet class we were given a pattern for a Hobo Bag.  it was a simple pattern and is worked all in one piece.  Very pretty.  I couldn't wait to get it finished and so this morning i sat and finished it. 

Well time to sign off and I hope that you have fun what ever you  are doing this weekend xx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Things i miss

Things I miss

I miss the hugs we didnt have
the tears and laughter
the bathtimes and bedtimes
the fun and frolics
the explaining every little thing in detail
the never ending questions
the buying of clothes grown out of too fast,
the learning curve i have had with each of the other children,
the birthdays, christmasses, christenings and weddings,
all the things we should have shared.
the walks in the park, the scrapped knees, the freely running tears and the snotty noses
The deep and meaningful conversations and the silly banter
The thunderstorm cuddles and the cold snowy hands
these are things I miss and will never have.
mummy loves you all

(in memory of our angel children Evie, Victoria, Milly, George, Rachel and Anna)


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