Saturday, 23 June 2012


Hello recently i bought a bookcase to use for storage. Mainly to use for patterns yarns and other woolly stuff! We had a look at a few and decided on this one Maine tall wide bookcase  
unfortunately I cant get a very good picture from argos website but you can do clickity click on the link!

It was reduced to £29.00 so was a bargain price.  We reserved on line and Mr CM went and picked it up no problem.

Putting it together was simple and Mr had it all done very quickly even though hes not very handy in the DIY department.  The result is that I now have space in the bedroom to walk and I can see the floor!

Its  a very decent piece of furniture and looks so much more expensive than it really is.  
This is just my opinion and I haven't benefited in anyway for this post. 
bye for now xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dog shows and sunshine

Hello everyone
Last Saturday there was a charity dog show in a village not too far from us.  Princess decided she would like to enter our poppy dog in .  So off we went!
Princess and Poppy
When we got there it was total chaos!  It was so badly organised.  Rings everywhere but not directions or information to tell what was happening.  the only time i heard the man on the tannoy was when he was ordering cake from the cake stall!  We manged to find the place to register and entered poppy for the prettiest bitch and dog and owner most alike,  (hence princesses crown)

Unfortunately due to the disorganisation we managed to miss both classes!  But never mind.  it was a charity event for a brilliant cause.  FAITH animal shelter do a great job caring for unwanted animals and I hope they raised lots of much needed funds.
Princess with two of her cousins

As for us?  well we met up with family, ate cake and drank tea!  Perfect day!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

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Cushion love

Hello everyone. Well the football is in full swing isn't it? Cant say I'm that impressed by it all. Especially the fighting and violence. Just one question. Why? Mr CM is totally mesmerised by the footie and I don't think hes missed a match. Still I'm not complaining I get to enjoy crocheting and knitting cosy up in my bedroom chair!

On that note, I have finished my version of the attic 24 bloomimg flower cushion.  You can find all the information and pattern on Lucy's website here
so as Lucy puts here here is my taa dar moment
Blooming thrifty cushion
I'm so pleased with how this has turned out.  Its so pretty and a stash buster too!  I used up lots of oddments I have had hanging about so thrifty too.  In fact I'm calling it my blooming thrifty cushion!

Of course while I had the hook out it was a opportunity to whip up this little cardigan.  Its newborn size and I'm sure it will be useful with the amount of babies born into this family!
well I hope to see you all soon.
bye bye for now! 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hello Well its mid June and I am deafened by the cries of "can we have the heating on?" Not in this house you can bet your butt on that! I stick to a strict rule where the heating is concerned. On in November and off in March. I do not deviate from that at all. I have two main reasons for that. the first and most obvious one is the cost. I have things i would much rather spend my money on such as Me! The second is global warming. I don't think that I have touched much on this subject before. I am a hippy at heart and the earth and environment are something that concerns me very much.
We have such a beautiful earth that God has created for us to enjoy.  I want the generations of my family to enjoy the open Fields and trees etc as much as I have done.  We cant keep on taking from the earth without any consideration as to the future.  We cant fail to notice the change in the seasons.  The fact we are having milder times when it traditionally should be warm etc.  Global warming makes the seas rise and so land is effected.  the scenes of flooded countries last year were terrible and I thank God that we are spared.
 Something has to give.
 I try to recycle as much as possible to save on landfill.  I pass things on to people rather than dump them in the bin.  That kind of thing can be simple but effective.  As the advert says every little helps.

Well as for me today I am off to crochet the lovely cushion that is on the Attic 24  blog.  Made by the lovely Lucy.  You can find it here.  Check out the rest of her blog its a collection of scrummy crochet goodness!
Bye bye for now

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Here at CM Towers we love the royal family. Its no doubt we are royalists!. So this week we have been in our element!God bless our Queen!  What a brilliant weekend we had!
We started off With Princesses school celebrations.  Sher had to go to school dressed in a Jubilee theme.  So here she is.  She had a handmad eskirt .  the fabic is covered in tiny Union Jacks although you cant see it in the photo.

Saturday was a family party for us.  it was the only day we could all get together so we all met up at my mothers.  Now getting ten Siblings and Spouses, thirty eight Grandchildren and three Great grandchildren together is no mean feat but with the exception of a couple  of people we made it!  We did a bring a plate kind of buffet. These were part of my offerings. The cakes had three layers of red white and blue.

I will leave you now with a few of our family pictures.  I hope you had as good a time as we did xx
Our very own Queen.   Mother dearest

Cheeky Niece  Part of the under three demolition squad!
Lou buckets.  Another part of the squad!

 Third squad member

Part four!
bouncy fun!

rest time
I must stress this energy drink  can was empty!

time for lunch

This baby never stops smiling

My sister and niece

My patriotic Granddaughter waving her flag

Our Princess
My God save the Queen Swap parcel arrived on Thursday. too late for the jubilee but not too late for me to enjoy the goodies.  Thank you xx

 Hope you enjoyed the jubilee as much as we did. 

Bye bye for now xx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello hello hello everyone! it seems so long since i was last here. Ive so much to tell that its properly best to break it up into smaller posts.Part of the reason for my absence is...........


this little fella!   Our first grandson.     World please meet Mr Emmett James.  He put in a appearance six weeks early and was really a poorly little man but is doing great now.  I was very blessed to be there when he entered the world. There is nothing like being there when your grandchild is born.  Its such a special moment.  Ive been blessed to be present at two of my grandchildrens births.  The first grandchild was by a emergency c-section or I would have been there at her birth too.

 Emmett is now at home with his family and he is such a sweetheart.  Now we have two princess granddaughters and a prince!  I just love the expression on his little face in this picture! 
While he was in hospital we were looking after his little sister. 
Wow that was a experience.  either my children were angels when they were young or i have a very selective memory of toddlers.  Shes such a cutie but very hard work.  Grandma and Grandad didn't know what had hit them! 
Just look at that angelic face.  The n look at the chaos and devastation behind her! LOL  Joking aside it was lovely to spend some quality time with her. 

Then we have Grandchild No 1.  We don't really spend much time with her so when we do we enjoy ourselves.  Although Mummy complains that although she is dressed like a princess when we get her, by the time she goes home she looks like shes crawled up the tinder path of 10p!  she does get messy at Grandmas!

  She also has a habit of emptying my handbag when ever she gets the chance.  she chats along in her own little language and shows me everything shes taking out of my bag as if to say " whatever do you need that for Grandma?" and here is the evidence!

I love my grandchildren.  They bring such a spark into my life. They make me smile and glad to be a  part of their lives.