Monday, 10 December 2018

Im going to say the word.................Brexit!

Hi lovelies!

With all the hustle and bustle in the news, am I the only person who doesn't understand it all?
I'm really not into politics as to be honest I don't understand it all.   I mean I'm not dim, but I find it so complex and ever changing that I cant seem to get a grasp on it!

I always vote and did so when we had the referendum on Brexit.  I voted to leave.  Now whether or not you believe I made the right choice, I did what I believed to be the best thing at the time.  I bought into the whole "Billions of pounds each week will be poured into the NHS "and "Immigration will be regulated" ideals that we were served up.   Now before anyone jumps on me for the Immigration statement,  i firmly believe that everyone in this world deserve a safe, warm, comfortable place to live and raise their families.  I think it is right that those of us with more help those of us that are in danger or struggle.  We are all humans and it doesn't matter what race, religion, colour or dress size we wear, everyone is important.  I firmly believe that and have raised our children to believe the same way.  However,  We have a NHS service that is at breaking point from the sheer masses of people that use it and lack of funding,  Our education system in our area is bursting at the seams, Their are millions of people who are unemployed and not enough jobs.

Although I don't believe this is all due to the immigration problem, I do believe it contributes to it.  I know that without many migrant workers our industries would collapse.  Nurses, Doctors, Agricultural workers, care homes etc,  All these industries rely on migrant workers and they do a fantastic, wonderful job!  When I was ill last year and my life hung in the balance, it was a team of Dr's and nurses from all different parts of the world that put me back together and cared for me and for that I am extremely grateful.   But unfortunately we do have a null of people who come here and do not work, Claim benefits and bleed the system by abusing it.  

The day before the Brexit vote the door knocked and a smartly dressed man proceeded to tell me that all these problems would be gone if we voted to leave.  If people wanted to come to our country then they would have to have a trade and be useful to our country or be in danger or hardship if they stayed in the their home country.  There would be so much more money for NHS and the country would prosper from not having to pay into the EU system.  The man was from UKIP.  He lied.
I bought into it and I regret it.  I'm being totally honest here.  I was naive and I regret it.  I knew I had probably made a mistake the very next day when Nigel Farage resigned.  Like a rat fleeing from a sinking ship!

Having said all of the above, I truly believe that we should still leave.  We live in a democracy and the country voted.  We spoke as a people and the vote decided we should leave.  I truly believe that we should NOT have a second vote.  I mean what are we going to do?  Go for the best of three!?
 If we believe in democracy then we should make the best of a bad job.  

Deal or no deal?  I honestly don't know.  I don't understand how it all works to be honest.  I don't understand the trade industry, Laws and all the other things that it will effect.  But I do believe that it is a decision that we should stick to as to change the rules will make it undemocratic.

Well that's my opinion on it anyway!  I'm sure I will be slaughtered for this post but I am telling it how I see it and as always I'm being honest.  Let me know what you think but do realise any offencive comments will be removed.  

Bye for now

Hales xx

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

................. And Im back in the room!!!!

Hi there lovely Friends!

Its been a hot minute since I have posted!  Ive just been so, so busy!
In august I had a operation.  One that I had been waiting for for close to five years!  My life is so much better because of it and I have a much better out look on life.  It is as if the whole world has opened up to me and I see things around me in a different light.  I still suffer from chronic pain but (You kinda get used to it after such a long time!) and my  disabilities are not improved but my out look on things are completely different!  It truly is a case of mind over matter!

Anyhoo!  Enough about me!   Its nearly Christmas!!!!!!!!

Totally my favourite time of the year!  I love the whole build up things, the carols at church, wrapping presents, Christmas shopping, the Grandchildren getting excited, Christmas Fayre's!  I could go on and on!  Of course because our Christian faith is such a big part of our lives we celebrate the "reason for the season" Jesus!  We will be at church Christmas morning before going home to open presents and have a lovely breakfast which is always prepared by Mr PB.   

Although all this is good and family time is great, we always think about the people who struggle  with loneliness or financially at this time of year.  To afford Christmas we pay into the voucher scheme at "Park Hampers"  (the link is HERE ) This is not a sponsored post, I just telling you what we do!  It makes affording Christmas so much easier.  To be honest we do have to budget hard to afford to pay for the vouchers but they are such a Godsend to know that Christmas is paid for each year and we don't have to worry where the money is coming from or get into debt.   I totally recommend it.

The other thing we do is shop in the sales throughout the years.  little items can be picked up all year round and added to a gift basket.  I often do this for people like my Mother and Mother-in-law.  It makes a great personalised gift.  

Also through the year you can pick up great food bargains.  3 4 2 and buy one get one free items can be spit and the free one put in a box or cupboard and kept towards Christmas.  Just remember to check the best before dates!  Even cleaning products and toiletries can be stored to use during October, November and December so that frees up a little extra cash during those months!

I usually buy clothes for the Children and Grandchildren for Christmas.  This does two jobs.  Firstly they get a gift, secondly they get something useful!  With a Teenager in the house I know just how many clothes they need!  (of course the Grandchildren also get toys!  I cant not!)

The final Idea we have is that we keep a savings tin in the house.  It is one of the tins you buy from poundland and places like that.  Like a tin of beans with a sot in the top!  You know the kind?  We put all our loose change in it all year round and then crack it open in December.  We don't get too much back (maybe £40?) but as they say, every little helps!  

When I started this post I didn't realise that it was going to turn into a money saving Christmas post!  But there you go!  I hope my ideas are helpful to some.  If not for this year then for next! 

Well I guess I will be off for now.  Thank you for all the lovely messages asking where I have been.  It means so much to think that people care about us!
God bless
Bye for now

Hales xx
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Friday, 13 April 2018


Hi Lovelies!

You know, I was reminded this week how life is so precious.  We get one shot at it and we aren't like cats and have nine of them!  How are lives turn out is shaped by many different things, enviroment, experiences, the way we are treated and how we treat others in return.  Many things can effect the way our lives evolve.  But the main thing is how we decide to live it.

For example, there are many examples of the bullied becoming the bully, but on the other hand there are even more cases where the bullied become defenders and saviours of others.  So you see although our lives are touched by circumstance it doesnt mean it has to be driven by it. I guess what im trying to say is,  make your life reflect you.  You may have been dealt the most awful cards in life but you know what?  You control your life and the way it goes.  You control the direction your life will travel.  If you dont like the way your life is going, change it!  Make it reflect the person you really are.  Have a life which you want and love.  The world is out there for you to enjoy!  Go enjoy it!

Bye for now!

Hales xxx
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Doggie Delight!

Hello Lovelies. I was very surprised this week when there was a knock on the door and the local courier stood there with a huge parcel....