Wednesday, 26 July 2017

And Im back!!!

Hello lovelies!

So after a short break, I'm back!   The break was nothing special.  No time away or illness.  I just ran out of things to say!  Can you believe it of me!   I feel refreshed and ready to start blogging again.  So here I am sat at the laptop waiting for inspiration to pop into my head!  But non is forthcoming!

I could write about how its the school summer holidays right now here in the UK.  I always find the summer break a time for relaxing and catching up.  A contradiction of terms but the days are less rigid and stuck to routine and a timetable because of course there are no school runs, No uniform to be washed, no lunches to be made.  The catching up is learning to have the children round all day everyday (which I love BTW).  A time of bonding as we do things together, go places and experience things together.  I love the summer break and am always quite despondent when the tie comes in September for the return to school.

I could also talk about how Miss PB is going to High school in September!  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!  After 26 years of school runs we will no longer have to take and fetch a child from primary school.  She is the last one f ours to leave primary school.  As I am unable to have more children, this is it!  Where has that time gone!  it doesn't seem that long ago I was gripping a nervous little boys hand while introducing him to his teacher in reception and now our last little bird has left primary school.  She has had the best experience at Primary school and I pray she will experience the same at high school.

Well, after having nothing to say Ive certainly made up for it!  Visit us again next week and hopefully I wont be as waffly!

Bye for now

Hales xx

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Monthly woes!

Hello lovelies

Today I want to talk to you about Periods.  Auntie Flo, monthlies, time of the month call it what you will!  Almost all women will experience them at some stage in their life.  From the excitement/dread, you feel at the first time, to the end of them where most of us will swing our "period Panties" round our head jubilantly when we know we will no longer have to wear them, we all have to make decisions about them.  Namely sanitary wear.

 I read a report recently that states that a there are an increasing number of girls who cant go to school because they cant afford sanitary wear.  (read about it HERE)  In this country we should be ashamed of ourselves that this is happening.  Its something that every girl, especially at that age should not have to worry about.  What is happening to this country! Anyway rant over!!

What will we choose to use?  Towels ,tampons, throwaway or reusable its all a choose we have to make.

I  recently received a moon cup to try out.  I have to say it is something that I have considered using before but haven't got round to buying one. 

The one that I got was a lovely lilac colour and made of the softest rubber.  It is soft and pliable and it is not as hard as I thought it would be.  To insert it you kind of fold it and insert it into the vagina in the same style as a tampon. (Better instructions HERE.) It then collects the again.

 There are two sizes available.  One for pre-childbirth and one after.

  Knowing that the environment is being helped by towels and tampons going to landfill is a added bonus! We could all do with lightening the footprint we leave on this earth! Opps I'm going into another rant! 

So my opinion on the moon cup is that it is a good idea.  It works well in principle.  Unfortunately due to my disability I have been unable to trial it so this is just my opinion on it.  They can be bought cheaply or more expensively in line with your budget.  If in doubt buy a cheap one and if you get on with it then make a investment in a more expensive one.   HERE is a link for one of the better ones on the market.

I hope this has been a helpful and informative review and I hope to see you back in our little corner of the Internet soon
Bye for now

Hales xxx

Monday, 5 June 2017

200 Subscriber giveaway! The PB Family

Hello lovelies! Join us on our 200 Subscriber giveaway!!

Jurlingo eyeshadows

Hi my lovelies!

When watching a youtube video recently, The lady in the video was showcasing the Jurlingo eyeshadow.  I thought they looked so lovely that I just had to give them a go! 

They come as single pan eye shadows but for every four you buy you get a holder palette for free!  (this applies to the seller I am linking.  I can't be sure of other sellers)

The first thing I noticed was the packaging it came in.  It had come from china but was so well packaged not one of the pans were damaged.  The boxes for each individual pan was strong and each pan came in a protective plastic insert.  They also came within ten days of being ordered.

The palette includes a little mirror and double ended applicator.

The colours are so striking that it hard to choose a favourite! But I think this gold colour has it licked!  It's so striking and looks so lovely when applied that I can't help but love it! 
I tried to get a good photo of it on my eyes but trying to do an up close selfie with a camera proved beyond me!

  When I tested them they are so pigmented and strong in colour that a little goes a long way.  I can see these becoming my recent buy favourites!  They are marketed as "Diamond eyeshadow" and boy are they!

This blue colour would be perfect for a night out and to get that shimmery 80s look that we all crave at one time or another!

I just love this lilac and rose combination.  A sure fire hit for a night out or even for day wear.

I'm totally in love with these shadows and I can see them seeing me right through summer into the Autumn/winter season!

If you are interested in buying these they can be found here  at the time of posting they were priced at £1.65 per pan.  A total bargain if you ask me!

Well, time is upon us once again!  It is time for me to pop off and see what the day brings. 
If you are not already following us on Instagram or Twitter then please do so.  The links to our profiles are on the side bar.

I hope you have a good week and I hope to see you back here again real soon.
Bye for now

Hales xxx

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Moan of the month! may 2017

Hi lovelies.
 Today's moan of the month is just one moan,  The Jeremy Kyle show. Enough said.

Really? REALLY?  Is this what society has come down to?  I despair that people from other countries will watch this and decide this is what people in the UK are really like.

The researchers from this show seem to target the most vulnerable people that are humiliated for the purpose of entertainment.  This is not acceptable.
There are thousands of people who are in bad situations in the UK but there is also thousands upon thousands of people who lead normal lives, living morally and raising children to be good citizens.
They strive to live under increasingly circumstances and ever changing financial conditions.

There are nine children in every classroom of 30 living in poverty (See the web page for the child poverty action group HERE)  Not because parents are irresponsible, although I'm sure this is the case sometimes, but because of increasingly hard social and economic conditions.

It is not the norm for people to have "four potential fathers" for their child. Nor to steal from family members to fund their drug habbits.  The majority of people wouldnt dream of broadcasting how many sexual patners they have had or the fact that they caught a STD from a friend.  
Does the picture above really reflect the Uk today?  I will leave it to you to come to your own conclusion.

Thats all folks
Hales xx

Monday, 29 May 2017

Sandals - the shoe kind not the holiday!

Hello lovelies!
Now I have big feet.  Its a fact!  I take size 9 or 10 in ladies shoes.  That's bigger than the average size ladies shoe size.  Now, I want to wear the same kind of shoes that the lovely size six ladies can wear and I have to say now days its getting easier and easier to do.  More and more companies are catering for the plus size.  Not only in clothes but also in shoes.  I have been having a look round and theses are my favourites and my "I'd love to haves" for the summer months!

What about these beauties?!

They are from Simply Be  and are priced at £35.00.  They are perfect for the beach but teamed up with a maxi dress and bolero I could see these being perfect for a evening out.  Love the flower on the top but maybe that's my Hippy side coming out!  These really are statement shoes.  Of course I could never wear them because of the heel but a girl can dream right?

Next take a look at these!  How FREEKING awesome are these!  I love leopard print but its hard to wear it without looking like some kind of porn star wannabe!  Either that or Bet Lynch!  So I'm totally in love with these shoes.  If anyone would like to buy me these *cough* Mr PB *cough* they can be found HERE  they cost £28.00 and I need a size 9!

Then I found  THESE  . They are pretty little flip flop style with a toe post and pretty diamante detailing to the top.  They are flat so perfect for me.  The price is pretty good too to be honest. £15.00 will bag you these and they even come in three colours.  They wouldn't take up much room in your suitcase either.

Finally I tried out the George at ASDA and the F&F at Tesco websites.  To be honest they had nothing that you'd enjoy wearing unless you were 75+  And I most certainly am not!

Dorothy Perkins had a really good range and I really liked the look of these  ones.  They are funky and would be great for festival. I really like them I think they may find their way via Royal Mail to our house! Priced at £18.75 they are a bargain.

So that's the sandals I found out there.  Of course there are many others but these are the ones that caught my eye.

Maybe, just maybe I shall be sporting a pair really soon!

Bye for now

Hales xx

Thursday, 25 May 2017

To Dream is to wonder

Hi lovelies.  
I hope you are well.
Recently Ive been having some really strange dreams.  It got me to thinking.  What are dreams made of?

Now I know that psychologists will tell us that its the working of our mind, That experiences and things we have seen influence our brain when we sleep.  But is this true.  This is just a theory and not proven.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. “ 
Eleanor Roosevelt
Dreams can be scary and beautiful, up lifting and courageous, sad and happy.  All these things and everything in-between.   They can make us laugh or cry, happy or sad.  They can be personal, erotic, make you want to do things or not or they can be just mundane everyday life occurrences.  Just what are they?  

Now I know that sometimes I have a dream and its a experience ive had in my life or things I've done, but just where does the extraordinary things come from?  I know that some people have prophetic dreams.  Dreams of things that come to pass.  Others dream dreams that they perceive to be something they should do and they go for it.  Good on them.  I personally do not want to be riding a unicorn butt naked, led by a troll through the city centre as per a recent dream!
So where do you think these dreams come from?  Have you had any fantastical dreams lately?

Bye for now
Hales xx

Monday, 22 May 2017

Three girls.

Hello my lovlies!

This week one the BBC there has been a series running called three girls. It tells the story of the grooming of British girls by men in the Rotherham area of the UK.

"A shocking report, published in August 2014, revealed 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham over a 16-year period as authorities failed to tackle the group grooming the vulnerable girls for fear of being labelled racist." 
Quote taken from HERE

The programmes were  well acted and I thought the story was portrayed very well.  Mostly I thought the focus was on the failure of the powers that be to stop what was happening in case they upset someone.  The fact that it was allowed to carry on for so long is a disgrace to the justice system in this country.  Many young girls over a period of many years were subjected to the abuse that these men dished out.   

The fact that it was Pakistani men should have been no concern of the authorities.  No consideration should have been given to the race of the men.  They were committing acts that not only are terrible , but are illegal in this country.  The fact that this was happening should have been a priority and it should have been stopped the first time it was reported.  
 Now I understand that in parts of the UK racial tensions run high, But this is the lives of young girls who were under the age of consent and in some case the age of understanding how this would effect them in later life.  I cant stress enough how it is that if you suspect a child is being abused in any way it is of the up most importance that you report it to the authorities straightaway.  

I will leave it there and if you wish to watch the series you can see it on BBC Iplayer.  But beware at times it makes harrowing watching.

Bye for now

Hales x

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Stationery - Note books

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are well.  We had a pretty dreadful day yesterday as far as weather is concerned. But today is back to "sunny Suffolk".

Ive been on the look out for a notebook to take with me to church as my old one is nearly full.  Ive been browsing the online shops as I want something a little more special than the ordinary ones I find when out and about.  I thought is share with you some of the lovely ones I have found. 

Firstly I looked on Etsy.  Now I know prices can vary but I love bespoke items like you find on there.
I found these beauties.  Although I want a A5 size I couldnt not mention these! 
The constillation ones you can find Here  and the personalised one Here 

I then found this little beauties in Wilko
You can find them HERE  
I love the pastel colours, in particular the blue.  Priced at £2.50 they are a absolute bargain and so pretty.  You just have a random colour sent to you if you order on line. To be honest I wouldnt mind either of these.

I also found these lovely ones at OHH DEER.  My daughter is obsessed with unicorns and I know she'd love this.  Unicorns have seemed to have made a big come back in 2017.  I have to admit I have a soft spot for them too!  Priced at £7.95 its a bit pricey for what it is but I still love it!

Here   you can find this lovely little note book.  It's priced so affordably it could be perfect from a toddler to adult!  I wouldn't mind paying £1.50 for the grandchildren to do their little doodles in! 
So this is just a small selection of notebooks availible out there.  If you search online there are hundreds of stores selling notebooks but for me, Ive just put in a order for the pastel ones from Wilkos! 

Bye for now

Hales xxx

Monday, 15 May 2017

Ok I have a addiction!

My addition is  BOOKS!!!

I cant pass a  WHSmith, Charity shop  or Waterstones without going inside to stroke the books!  I love the feel of a new book as it opens and you feel that "CRACK" for the first time.  I love the smell of the pages of a novel as you turn them and delve into a world of fantasy and intrigue  To find yourself imagining the faces of the characters and their lives as you read.
OK so our house isnt quite like this YET!!!!!

I always get excited when I get a new book and cant wait to finish the old book to start with the new.  I always have at least two books on the go.  One in the car and one at home.  I just love books!  My love of books started at a very young age.  I can remember curling up with a copy of Hans Christian Anderson tales that my uncle had bought me for my birthday.  That book became one of my treasured possessions and when it was destroyed I was heart broken.  Then on a trip to London my Husband bought me the same copy!  I was so happy and started reading it all over again.  I have since read it many times and have started to read it to my grandchildren.  That book is one of my treasures.  
I find it hard to pass books on and have treasured collections, such as my Phillippa Gregory books.  She writes about the courts of Henry the Eighth and the twists and turns his life took.  She writes about the war of the roses and also about fantasy.  Most of her books are based on real events and I have to say hands down she is my
favourite author.  My book shelves are crammed with her works.

For the next generation I feel like books are not as important.  In a age where you can get the answer to a question at the touch of a button there seems no need for researching your way through a book and digging for the answer.  I love the whole process of researching in a book and often buy books to find answers rather than using the internet.  I know that the internet is easier but who wants easy right?

So that's my confession.  I'm a addict and my addiction keeps growing along with my book collection!

Bye for now


Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Bullett journal - May edition!

Hi lovelies!

It looks like the weather has picked up doesn't it?  Its been very sunny here in "Sunny Suffolk"!
Also the blue bells are out in the garden.  Probably one of my favourite plants bluebells.  I have a few planted in the garden but should really plant more.  I keep seeing photos on line of people taking walks in bluebell woods and its one of the rare times I get really frustrated that these legs just refuse to work and comply with my need to wander in the woods!
Anyway I digress!

Today's post is my May update on my Bullet Journal.  Now I know that my BJ style isn't like many other peoples.  I use mine more as a diary/scrapbook/planning tool.  Its something I am likely to keep for years rather than throw away after the year has ended.
This are my May intro pages.  The photo is of Mr PB and our Grandson taking a snooze after a trip to the beach!  Basically I write the dates down the side and I fill in any important days that I need to remember throughout the month.  I always check this at the beginning of the week and then move the occasion into the appropriate date. 

I always keep adding to the "News of the world" page.  Basically its a page to record major world wide events.  This is particualy important to me because as I said earlier the BJ will be kept for the forseeable future.

This page I keep for writing down Bible verses that jump out and speak to me.  It is a double page spread so I have pleanty of room.  Although I expect I shall have to start another page soon!

This page is from a two week spread in April.  As you can see we were pretty busy!  I dont usually do a week to a page as I find it doesn't give me enough room but I wanted to try this kind of style.  It has helped me decide that the week to a page style is not for me.  I need two pages per week to use my BJ effectively.

This page is my end of May sheet.  Please excuse the quality of the photo!  It was so hard to capture for some reason.  It shows my "Keyword" for the year which is "strength"  I decided on this word at the beginning of the year and boy have I been tested on it!  I have had to have strength to get through this year and in particular it saw me through my stay in ITU in march.  I feel God put this word on my heart.

So thats my little trip through Mays BJ.  I hope you found it to be interesting and gave you some ideas for your own BJ's.  I personally love looking at other peoples BJ's because it inspires me and gives me new ideas.  The BJing community on Pinterest and Facebook is amazing.  There are some really talented people out there.  While at craft group yesterday we decided that I am "Crafty not a artist".  I like that.  It suits me just fine!

Bye for now

Hales xxx

Monday, 8 May 2017

Poundland haul

Hello lovlies! I hope you are well. Todays post is a video I made recently about a trip to Poundland. I love Poundland! The only trouble is I rarely spend just £1 when I go there. Read rarely as never!
This is a little haul I got on my latest trip.
Enjoy the video
Bye for now
Hales xx

Friday, 5 May 2017

Five things Id tell my grandparents

Hello lovlies!

I hope you are all well.
Whatever has happened to the weather!  Its so rainy here in sunny Suffolk.  Ive got the jumpers out again and the heating is still on low and its May!  Come on, give us a break!

Today I want to talk about my grandparents.  They were both such a big part of my childhood.  They were there when times were happy, tough, mundane and everything in between.  My Grandad died in 1990 and my Nanny quite a few years later.  They were married for over forty years and had a strong and happy marriage.  They were full of wisdom and love and I miss them terribly.
Since Ive had my own grandchildren its made me think of them more and more.  So here are the five things Id like to tell them the most.

1.  You were right!
  On so many things you were right.  Always mix the butter and sugar first when making cakes, don't smoke! Boiled water is the best thing for UTI's, Whiskey in water helps with nausea,  Love, laugh and smile.  Listen to people, work hard.  All these you were right when you said them!

2.  Most important is family. 
Ive tried to instill this into my own family.  Whether it will be a important part of their lives only time will tell.  I try to keep in touch with my siblings and Mother as much as possible and love family get togethers.  Mostly its My little family and I but I'm happy with that.

3.  I found my prince charming.
  I have a husband who is devoted to me.  He holds open car doors for me to get in and carries the shopping.  I model  my marriage on your own.  I know you'd like him, even you Nanny! We love and respect each other and not afraid to say things to each other that may offend.  We often have times when we just sit in silence or times when the rooms too loud to hear but that's OK. We can communicate without words and never go to bed upset without first having a hug.  We say I love you everyday and sometimes multiple times a day.  If I hadn't seen your marriage I wouldn't have known what true love and devotion is. Thank you x

4.I miss you.
Everyday I miss you.  The kettle always on the boil, the teapot with a cosy on it,  the linen tablecloths on the table, The cakes in the cake tin.  Grandad slipping his shandy to us and Nanny's little treats.  I  miss the cuddles with you Grandad as I gentle pulled on your ears. I miss baking with you Nanny where you would always let me take the praise for the perfect sponge when all Id done really was give the batter a quick stir.  I miss just popping in.  I wish I could have brought my own grandchildren to visit you.  You would love them so much, I know you would.

5.  Look I made it! 
Through all the ups and downs and all the smiles and tears, I'm here, happy and content.  I have a happy and strong marriage.  I have a little family of my own that keeps growing and I am loved by many people young and old.  Ive kept my faith in God which was instilled in me through many years of watching songs of praise with you on a Sunday evening.  We have a lovely church family and are settled into our church.  God plays a big part in our lives and always will.  I know you are looking down and approving!

Thank you for your input into my life

Hales xx

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

MUA Eyebrow pencil

Hi Lovelies

I hope you are all well. 
I woke up this morning to a little flurry of snow!  Is this the start of a full blown snow storm?  I sincerely hope so!  I'm one of the few people who loves the snow! 

Recently I lost my eyebrow pencil (see "lost" as "Daughter borrowed and lost it")  so I needed to repurchase.  Now as I don't always use a eyebrow pencil I dont repurchase very often and couldn't remember the brand of my last one.  So I had a browse and found a MUA one for £1 in Superdrug.  I thought at that price I could afford to try it out to see what it was like.

I was really surprised at the quality of this pencil.  It is soft and creamy so goes on really easily with no pulling or scraping of the skin as you find on some pencils.  I was really impresses with the colour.  I ordered brunette (as I am one!) and the colour perfectly matched my skin.  There is also black and blonde so I think it caters for most skin types. 

It also comes with a brush on the end.  This allows you to brush through the product and also to give the brows a quick tidy up.  The brush is in kind of a "toothbrush" style so its not the spoolie type you usually find. I personally found I preferred this kind of brush.

The only downside I found to this product is that it does transfer, so if you are a face toucher as I am, you may find you get some smudging.  Its a small price to pay for such a quality, affordable product.  You can find the pencil here .

I hope you have enjoyed this review and it has been helpful if you are looking for a new eyebrow pencil I thoroughly recommend it.   I feel like budget cosmetics brands have really upped their game recently and are launching more and more high quality items at budget prices.

Well thats my little review and  I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Bye for now

All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Moans of the month!

Hello Lovlies!

Today is my next Moan (or Moans) of the month!

So firstly let me say I had such a good response from my last one that Ive decided to make this a regular posting.  So with out further ado, Here we go!

1.  People who moan about the NHS.  Now I'm not stupid enough to think that everyone gets the best service possible and mistakes do get made.  We are only human after all.  But on the whole the NHS are one of the best medical services in the world.  They have saved my life on many occasions (not least recently, read about it by clicking this link here)

They save the life of millions of people each year.  Not to mention the improvements of life by surgery, medication and physiotherapy.

We are the envy of the world with our health care system.  Lets not lose it.
And if you don't like it?  Go join BUBA!

 2.  People who drop litter!  AAARRRGGGG!!!!! It drives me mad!
Would you do it at home?  Do you have a coffee at home and just throw your cup across the lounge?
(well maybe some do!) 
We have some beautiful countryside here in the UK and it is littered by uncaring people who are just to lazy to find a bin or take their rubbish home!
                                                      BIN IT!!!!

3.  Lastly for this month.  Dog Poo!
We ourselves have three little doggies.  We take them out we have poo bags with us and clean up any little parcels they may leave behind.  Its not hard and is as much a part of caring for your pet as feeding and grooming is!  Its so annoying when you are in your best clothes ready for a event and you tread in doggie doo in your new shoes! (yes Ive experienced this!)  Don't even mention trying to clean it off your said footwear! GAG!!! 
So if you have a doggie, please take it a poo bag with you (You can get 200 or £1 in poundland) Scoop and bag it!  It takes seconds and there are plenty of bins around or simply put it in your bin at home!

So that is my grumpy lady moans for this month! 
If you've made it this far, Well done! I promise that if this is your first visit to our blog I'm not usually this grumpy!!

Well have a great week, and I hope you visit again soon!!
Hales xxx


Monday, 24 April 2017

To hair or not to hair? That is the question!

Hello my lovlies!

Recently I was watching "This Morning"  (I know I lead the high life right!) .  They had a section on a lady who had not shaved her body hair for five years.  You can find it by clicking the link here Along side this woman was another lady who was most obviously horrified at this ladies choice.  She was recoiling at this lifestyle choice and I thought she was extremely rude.  To be honest is it such a big deal?  I don't think so.  And this is why.

We naturally have body hair.  It is part of the human condition.  Our bodies produce it (or not) as part of our natural function.  We can not choose whether it grows or not, It just does!

The same goes for eyebrows and foofoo's.  Fashion has come and gone and we've gone from barely there to full growth to just a general tidy up. What you do is up to you.  Does it really concern anyone else?

I personally am not offended by body hair on women. I find it neither attractive or unattractive.
Personally I shave my legs and armpits periodically and can often be found with fuzzy legs!  I'm not ashamed of the fact.  I also have PCOS which doesn't help with the hairy problem!  I don't care,  personally I am happy in my own skin and happy with my body.

These are most defiantly not my legs.  Far too shapely!

 I was also quite shocked that the woman on the show asked about hygiene being a problem with hairy armpits on  a woman.  What??? Actually WTF?
As the lady said, "Do we ask the same question of men?"  Are men considered to be unhygienic because of having leg or armpit hair?  No, of course not.  That is just a ridiculous argument.

We were born hairy and I bet when we are breathing our last, the last thing on our minds will be "Did I shave yesterday?"

So weather you wax, pluck, shave or don't do any, be proud of your body and yourself.  You deserve it!

Bye for now

Hales xx


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Drayon metalic liquid lipsticks

Hello lovelies!

I'm feeling better.  Thank you for all the lovely comments and get well messages I received.  My brother is also doing well and had been moved back to our local hospital.  Unfortunately I am unable to see him due to cross contamination but I managed to see him over face time and although he cant speak we managed to communicate.

So while I was in hospital a package came for me.  I had ordered some Metallic liquid lipsticks from Aliexpress.  It seemed like ages since I ordered them but in reality it was probably only about five weeks.  They came from China so that was the reason for the delay.  I only ordered two colours as I was unsure if I would like them and didn't want to waste money if they were unusable.

Firstly the packaging is very pretty, it has a lovely gold coloured lid/wand handle.  There is gold detailing to the tube which make the product appear much more expensive than it was.  In fact these products cost only 83p each with free shipping!  If you don't mind waiting for them to arrive they are great!

I ordered shade 05 which is a gold colour and shade 11 which is a mixture between a rose gold and bronze kind of colour.   The formula is very light and you need to apply a couple of coats to get a good effect.  The product smells lovely,  just like walking into you childhood sweetie shop.  Some people may find this over powering as the smell is quite strong but I found it OK.

Upon wearing I found that the product lasted no more than a hour tops.  Its definitely not a long lasting lipstick but when it is on it is very striking.  The colours are bold and very strong.  I found the lipsticks left my lips a  little dry but not too dry.  I applied lip balm afterwards and everything was OK.  This is a problem I have with lipsticks so I think maybe this was my lips rather than the product. However I did find the formula to be over sticky!

If you are looking for a striking bold statement lipstick I would recommend these.  and at 83p a pop you can afford to apply every hour!  You can find them here

I hope this has been a helpful review and if you'd like to see more of my bargain buy cosmetics please comment below!

I hope to see you here again soon.  Bye for now

Hales xxx

(Photos have been taken from the Aliexpress website)


Hi Lovelies! You know, I was reminded this week how life is so precious.  We get one shot at it and we aren't like cats and have nine...